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    Recruiting - issue viewing application data


      Dear experts,


      We are having the PeopleSoft recruiting module installed on a 2nd DB for external users (let's call this one EXT), and the backoffice uses the 1st DB for creating job openings etc. (let's call this one REC for clarity)

      Between both DBs, there's a daily data synchronization (candidate data are uploaded into REC and job opening data are uploaded into EXT).

      For one of the job openings, we received a complaint from a candidate that his information for the application is not complete / correct.

      Because EXT is the master in this case, I tried opening his application on EXT (through the recruiter pages Find Applicant and then "View application") but I can see the applicant itself but not his application data (i.e. I see the icon "view application" but clicking doesn't do anything at all).

      I have found an example of another applicant where I can open his application data without problem so at least it seems not to be a general problem for all applicants in EXT.

      It seems however that other applicants for the same job opening cannot be opened either.

      I might be wrong but I concluded that the issue must be with the job opening data and I checked each and every table that is synchronized for anomalies (including job posting descriptions) and I checked existence of "supporting data" as recruiting location etc. Everything data wise seems to be ok for this job opening... I'm puzzled.

      I went on checking the applicant's data and application data itself, but apart from what obviously was missing as received per mail, I could not see anything wrong with them either.

      I had to refresh the job opening transaction table in the process of checking the data so that is not the issue here.

      Anyone who can shed a light on this? Thanks in advance!