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    logon to FDM in the Oracle Cloud


      I am trying to logon to FDM to create a new application in the Oracle Cloud but when I enter username/password (demouser/demouser) I get " invalid username/password or you dont have permission to create a new application"
      any help please?

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          Is the user provisioned as a HSS Administrator?

          If you try to do this with the native ADMIN user account does it work?    

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            Hi JeffJon, Thank you for your response.

            First of all, I just wanted to let you know that this is the first time that I am trying to use the Amazon Cloud Sandbox and I thought it was supposed to be friendlier in terms of providing instructions to first time users. When I logged on into the Remote Desktop I was able to access HFM and create an application profile, but then the rest of the menu options within HFM are missing so I figured I need to access Shared Services and provision my demouser to access all the different tasks. But I have not been able to access the HSS, and can't do much with most of the HFM navigation left bar missing - just got the "set up application profile", that was it. Then when I tried to log on into the FDM app with the same usename/password (demouser/demouser) I got " invalid user/password or you dont have permission to create a new application..2653". Then when I got to IE and try to access from "my favorites" HSS or Workspace the page can not display. I am trying to connect to the following port https://demoserver:19000/workspace/index.jsp without luck. I checked if the port is listening or being listened (I am not IT person so I am trying to figure out what to do to trouble shoot) and also checked if the firewall was blocking the port. Conclusion, I think it is all correctly set, but not sure. Finally, I am also reaching to the conclusion that I am trying to access shared servises in the wrong place. All I want is to modify the demouser permissions to allow me access FDM, HFM, etc. and begin creating applications, metadata, etc. But I don't seem to be able to find where and how.

            Can you please walk me through some inicial steps or let me know where can I find more guidance on how to properly set up my EPM access with demouser and where?

            Thanks a bunch.


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              Did the Cloud team provide you with links for the products on the Sandbox?


              The typical link for workspace is http(s)://<servername>:19000/workspace, however they may not be using 19000 for the OHS Port, it may be using another port.  You would need to check with the team who manages the sandbox to get the proper URL and port.


              Once you are logged into the workspace, you can then access HSS from there using Navigate > Shared Services Console and can provision the user for FDM, HFM, etc.