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    Port numbers and multiple instances of Remoting Container


      When splitting the remoting container into multiple instances that run specific services, you're instructed to copy the PLM config files into each new remoting container folder location.  You can then edit the EnvironmentSettings config file for each to determine which services run under the given remoting container instances by changing the isActive setting for each.


      In doing so, is it necessary to also change the port numbers in each copy of the EnvironmentVariables config file so they don't conflict with the others, even though no service within remoting container is being run on more than one instance of the container?


      My assumption is that if we set a particular service "isActive" to false for a given instance of remoting container, that container instance won't lock the port for that service, and there would be no conflict with the remoting container instance that is actually running that service and listening on that port.  This seemed to be the case when tested, but I've also heard that you must change the port numbers for each container instance, so a final clarification would be awesome.