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    GlassFish Tools - Eclipse console does not show server log output




      I just installed the latest Glassfish Tools ( on Eclipse Kepler and Glassfish Server 3.1.2.  But when I start the server and open the console ('view log file' button) there is no output displayed (also not during deployment). When I open the server.log file in a text editor I can clearly see the log output. Re-starting Eclipse, re-opening the console view didn't help. I have this bug both on Windows 8 and OSX 10.8.4.


      Is there something obvious that I am missing? In my previous pre-kepler Eclipse installation this works like a charm (using the same glassfish server). Also the path to the log file displayed on the top of the console view is correct.


      This might be related to the following thread:

      GlassFish > View Log File opens in editor instead of console


      Will have to use my old eclipse installation until this is resolved. Any help is appreciated.


      -- Mike