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    WIP Process


      Hi All,


      I am trying to process scrap scale which my client sells the manufacturing waste to some of the customers. I have created an item which is scrap and trying to place a work order and run a report which determines how many kilograms of scrap is there.


      I am stuck with the WIP process - I placing a work order, doing the picking and then transact the same by assining serial/lot numbers.  Can some body help me in WIP process right from placing the work order- transacting them and completing them. since my report is going to display

      Forging No/ ForgingRev/Serial No Bond/Lot Num/ForgingWeight(in Kg)/Finish PartNo/FGRevFOQ /Metal type FG/Weight(InKg)/Batch cardNo./ScrapWeight(Inkg)


      The WIP process will populate majority of the columns which is Scrap weight/Serial no/lot num/Forging weight which is important.


      Can some body help me with the WIP Process with screen shots - work order- que moving -transacting them and completing the work order