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    Problem while populating Lov values

      I have one requirement.I am populating LOV dynamically for the subinventory field in the order form through custom.pll.
      If Dropship flag= 'Y' then populate suninv LOV with D1,d2..values.If it is 'N' then
      populate suninv LOV with w01,w02,....values.This is done and working fine in the form.But
      If i save dropship flag='Y' and Subinv value is D1 then it saves the record.Now I am changing Drop ship flag as 'N' then
      'D1' value appearing in the SUBINV field.and it allow the save changes.
      So How can i refresh Lov at the time of making drop ship flag as 'Y'/'N'?

      Please give me the reply.

      Thanks in Advance,