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    Google Map Integration with Map Viewer is not working


      Hi Team,


      My MapViewer Version: Ver11_1_1_7_B130111


      I have created a Google Map (with Type of Map Source as "Google Maps") in Oracle Map Viewer and i could see google map in Oracle Map Viewer(using "show Map").


      I wanted to show a village map theme over the above google map in a web page and i am using Jdeveloper to integrate map viewer with Village data. I could see the google maps inside Jdeveloper however when i run the Jdeveloper code google map is not shown inside the web page.


      I tried with Oracle Maps, Bing Maps as the "map source" in map viewer and tried integrating inside Jdeveloper and got same result (blank screen). However when i tried a different mapviewer ( Base Map ELOCATION.WORLD_MAP from OracleFMW MapViewer Home ) i could see the map in the web page.


      I could get all other base maps (created with "internal" as the map source") in the web page, so there is some thing that i am missing with Google Maps, Bing Maps, Oracle Maps. Could you please help me what is that i am missing or point to a help resource?