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    Apache 2.2 and weblogic  integration

      Hi ,

      We are installing epm and we are using apache 2.2 installed on server1(windows 2008 R2) and foundation services installed on sever2(windows 2008 R2). We have disabled ohs in the server 2 and used apached 2.2 as our web server to proxy the traffic. Our system is SSL enabled.

      We are able to open work space from the server 1 and are able to access the reports and everything looks fine as far as the proxy and integration is concerned.

      We are having trouble with the epm static content. we tried creating folders on the local system but it is not working so when I go to epm_online_help it gives me garbage. So all the files that are placed in the epm static content folders are not being accessed.

      Did anyone work with this system architecture. Please let me know if anyone knows the solution.

      Thank you in advance.