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    File perm. in Tuxedo 11g

    Mats Ulvedal

      Hi all,


      Now do I have a problem with file permissions.

      In Tuxedo 11g (patch 098) tmloadcf, dmloadcf, tmloadrepos and wsloadcf create file (TUXCONFIG, SALTCONFIG, GW_S3.REPOSITORY and BDMCONFIG)

      with a very tight permission.

      -rw-------   1 utvgw      lok0000     366592 aug 29 14:21 GW_S3.BDMCONFIG

      -rw-------   1 utvgw      lok0000     543744 aug 29 14:21 GW_S3.Emma.SALTCONFIG

      -rw-------   1 utvgw      lok0000     614400 aug 29 14:21 GW_S3.TUXCONFIG

      -rw-------   1 utvgw      lok0000      55423 aug 29 14:21 GW_S3.REPOSITORY


      My umask is 022 and PERM in UBB is 0666.

      Is this a normal behavior in 11g? It was not there in 10.3.

      I know that Tuxedo is installed with a much tighter file permisson and we are forced to change that.


      Ofcourse can I come around it with chmod, but is there a way to avoid it.