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    Validate HFM application


      Hi All,


      We are in the process of migrating the Oracle database version configured with HFM application, And I would like to know what are the necessary validation checklist/templates need to be performed in HFM application before/after migrating the Oracle database.




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          Hi Sanjeev,


          Not sure for which version is your requirement, I assumed being the latest version please find below the documentation link which will be of help to you, version




          Hope this helps,


          Thank you,

          Charles Babu J

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            Hi Charles,


            Thanks for the reply, And we are using HFM vr.


            Only Oracle d/b is going to migrated, And there is no change in HFM. I would like to know the necessary validation checklist/templates need to be performed in HFM application before/after migrating the Oracle database.




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              Siva Bhojan

              Unless and until your database schema names and database servers do not change, there is nothing to be done in HFM.


              However it is better to check with Oracle Support of any known issues that were reported while upgrading the Oracle databases based on your source and target Oracle database versions.


              Also Oracle does not test each and every patches applied to the third party tools. Eventhough HFM is a Oracle Product, Oracle Databases are really third party for HFM.


              So it is recommended to back up your current database and apply the patch in a test environment and then proceed with the other environments after confirming.


              You are definitely safe unless and until you have a back up database.


              There is no re-configurations needed from Hyperion side but a reboot should be done after the Oracle database upgrade.


              Siva Bhojan

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                Hello Sanjeev,


                I believe, there are no much validations or checklists to be performed when you are migrating the Oracle Database as you are dealing only with Database and not included HFM.


                How are you migrating Oracle Database?

                Where are you migrating from?


                One template that you would need to take a look at is at the "Compatibility Matrix" before you install or migrate your Database to find out if it is compatible with your HFM Version.


                Hyperion Version is supported with below.


                Oracle Database (Repository): 



                Oracle through Oracle,

       means successive releases 11.2.0.n, where n>=1.



                Exceptions and Additional Information:



                1. EXCEPTION: Data Relationship Management and FDM do not support Oracle Access Manager, Oracle Application Server Single Sign-On, and Oracle Identity Manager.

                2. NOT SUPPORTED FOR: Production Reporting Teradata Engine.

                3. Oracle database is supported only for: Calculation Manager, EPM Workspace, ERP Integrator, FDM, Financial Management, Financial Reporting (requires, Performance Management Architect, Shared Services (requires To use Oracle database for any product, you must apply the EPM System Installer patch

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                  Thanks All for your valuable comments.




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                    We are copying HFM App from DEV Environment to the UAT Environment with help of HFM COPY APPLICATION UTILITY and by seeing Log, come to know that Application and Data has been copied successfully. But do we have any other list of checks, To check whether App & Data has been migrated successfully?



                    Server: DEV

                    HFM App Name: App1



                    Server: UAT

                    HFM App NAme: App2



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                      Thanos A.

                      Hi there,


                      I have not heard of any specific checks since the log that you mentioned in your post gives a lot of details. In addition to these checks, we also run reports that compare the high level data between source and target environment.





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                        Msesudos -Oracle



                        The following knowledge article gives the complete reference for running the copy application utility. It speaks about the pre-requisites and also known issues.


                        Financial Management Application Copy Utility (Doc ID 968956.1)

                        Hope this helps.