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    Unable to reply to discussion.

    Jagadeesh P

      I am not able to find the link 'to reply to posts in a discussion thread.


      is it disabled?



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          It'd be better if you post link to problematic discussion.

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            Tushar Thakker

            If the thread is closed or you are not logged in, you can post. Other than that there is no restriction




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              same happen to me too

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                450ebc63-37de-438c-959d-cc7ecfb52526 wrote:


                same happen to me too

                The reply from TusharThakker on July 3 still applies on Aug 29.


                to expand on it a bit, sometimes you just get logged off without knowing it.  So even when you have logged on, by the time you get to something you want to reply to, either you've been logged off, or at least Jive thinks you've been logged off, so you don't get the 'reply' link.


                I've even seen it happen that when I don't have a 'reply' link and I know I logged on, and I scroll back to the top to see, it still shows "Welcome EdStevens", and I just click on my name then go back and voila, there's the 'reply' link.


                The old forum software was buggy.  The new forum software is buggy.  Just a different set of bugs.



                BTW, it would be really helpful if you would go to your profile and give yourself a recognizable name.  It doesn't have to be your real name, just something that looks like a real name.  Who says my name is really Ed Stevens?  But at least when people see that on a message they have a recognizable identity.  Unlike the system generated name of 'ed0f625b-6857-4956-9b66-da280b7cf3a2', which is like going to the pub with a bag over your head.


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                  which log files ?

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                    feuture wrote:


                    which log files ?

                    The reply you were supposed to read and understand said:

                    "If the thread is closed or you are not logged in..."

                    It said nothing about log files.


                    All of your entries to this particular thread hint that you do not read until you understand, but just splatter a post and expect others to understand YOU.   Admittedly, your native language doesn't seem to be English, and much could be lost as you attempt to translate what others have typed, but you could spend a couple of extra moments trying to understand what has been written by others.


                    We're still waiting for you to mention WHERE you had your "same happen to me too" event.   Those five words have no useful information that anyone else could use to (perhaps) teach you how to maneuver through the quirks of this forum site's software.