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    Allow only sorting in a Shuttle.




      I have a table with ID, SORT_ORDER, NAME columns and I need users to be able to easily update the SORT_ORDER. I have a classic report with form structure that allows them to update the SORT_ORDER but this is slow and laborious.


      I have created a new page with a Shuttle, based on a LOV 'select name,id from my_table;'. I auto populate the shuttle's selected values with all rows from my table on page load using simple TABLE_TO_STRING call, and send the re-sorted values to a database procedure to update the SORT_ORDER column in the database. This all works well.


      Unfortunately the shuttle displays both the left column (all available values, which is empty when I load the page as all values are preselected) and the right column (with all the selected values). I have removed the Move icons by selecting the 'Order Only' option in the shuttle's settings but this still allows deselection with a double click.


      Is there any way I can hide the left column and stop deselection?


      Thanks all,