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    Need suggestion: few records to be updated in millions


      Hi All,


      I need your expert comments over below senerio:


      Senerio: i have a table which has 2 column. Person_Id and Country_id. it has millions of records.


      1) One persion_id may have multiple country_id but maximum 4.

      2) this data is get updated. But around 4000 records are updated only out of millions present in table.


      This updation will be done by a procedure which i will create. We will have information about those 4000 records which will need update and will update above table.

      Now from performance point of view.. how we should design this table?


      1) Should i create partition on this table? if yes.. what type of?

      2) Should there be any index..


      Please suggest, if there is any other better way.



      Thanks alot in advance.