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    SSL handshake with webcache




      I am having some trouble with using Webcache and WebLogic.  Basically I have narrowed the problem through debug logs down to a certificate error involving the certificate being sent from weblogic to webcache.  Webcache cannot validate it and as a result the handshake fails.  I have recently installed WebLogic 12c and am testing the APEX listener I deployed on it.  Currently I can access weblogic through the browser using SSL.  However when I map webcache to the the weblogic address, the cert is not valid and the handshake fails resulting in no page being returned. 


      I have also encountered an unusual scenario changing things around.  If I use SSL between a client and webcache and non ssl between webcache and weblogic it "almost works".


      An example will be best


      If i enter https://example.com/apex into the browser, I get a 404 error and the address changes to example.com/apex/f=?111111111

      However if i add the https:// prefix to that url, the page shows up and the url is https://example.com/apex/f=?1111111


      This may have something to do with local caching but haven't investigated much yet.


      An additional note would be that I am using the Demo keystore provided with the weblogic 12c install.


      Now to focus the above, Is there a reason WebCache does not like the demo keystore provided with weblogic 12c.  I am doing this in a development environment before i proceed with certificates and keystore creation.