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    rwclient.sh command line

      Hello,I've searched a lot of forums to know how can the username and passwords are hided when we invoke reports through rwclient.sh.I am getting a perfect output if I issue a rwclient.sh but I am hardcoding userid parameter while issuing the command.

      I would like to hide it.Have gone through cgicmd.dat but all the examples I got is with respect to URL based reports requests.

      Can anybody have a fair idea to hide the username and password and to handle the rwclient.

      Am using oracle 10g

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          Rzuluaga - Oracle-Oracle
          Hi Many,
          Use CMDFILE to call a file that contains reports command line arguments. The file called must be an ASCII file, either .txt or any other ASCII-type file. CMDFILE differs from the cgicmd.dat file, in that CMDFILE can contain one command line for one report, where the cgicmd.dat file can contain multiple key-identified commands for multiple reports. The CMDFILE keyword enables you to run a report without specifying a large number of arguments each time you invoke a run.

          Follow the steps given below:

          1.Create a text file "pwd.txt" containing one line: userid=username/password@database, e.g.:

          2. Run rwclient.sh using this file pwd.txt:
          rwclient.sh report=test.rdf cmdfile=pwd.txt destype=file desformat=pdf desname=out.pdf server=test

          This would not display login information in ps -ef output.

          Hope this helps, RZ
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            Yes tried this solution and its working fine.

            right now I am discussing this solution with oas team as they are against storing the password in a plain text file. will let you know.

            Thank you
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              Why dont you use 

              Oracle Wallet Secure external password file

              check following link


              ORACLE-BASE - Secure External Password Store