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    Custom login page : Oracle Portal with OAM as  SSO


      We are upgrading from OAS 10g to OFM We are using Oracle portal and Oracle access Manager as SSO.
      In portal 10g we created customized login code with pl/sql (using portal.wwsec_sso_enabler_private.generate_redirect to obtain the site2pstoretoken ).
      In portal 11g this is no longer working as we are using Oracle access manager.
      I have 4 different portal login pages and depending on the login page the user use, he is redirected to a certain home page. 
         e.g.  after a successful logon
                Login page A will redirect the user to Home Page A
                Login page B will redirect the user to Home Page B
              If login is not successful, the error message is displayed on the login page (e.g. User account locked, User account expired, invalid username/password ...)

      The standard portal 11g Login portlet is working but it does not fully meet our needs so the idea is to rewrite this so that it is usable in our environment.
      I'm stuck as the site2pstoretoken is now in a cookie and I do not know how to get this working
      Any help is highly appreciated.