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    How to use Component Tag?

    Terry Huang

      HI All

      In following Path. there is ‘Component Tag’, How to use this column, and where I can modify or create the component tag?
      Formulation Output-> Composition - > Regulatory BOM & Theoretical Break Down Table -> Component Tag




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          These tags are used to help further define the breakdown component.   They are included in breakdown roll up and can also be used to target losses.  For example, you can tag components that are processing aids and then apply a moisture loss that will only affect processing aid component moisture levels.  


          There is a 6.1.1 formulation video on the collaboration site that helps explain these tags and goes deeper into loss scenarios.  You can find a link to the collaboration sites in the announcement section on the front page of the forum. 


          Take a look at the video and let me know if you have further questions or share a use case around how you may use this new feature.