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    Not able to convert String to Number using <f:convertNumber pattern="#0.000" />


      JDevloper/ADF Version :


      Session Scoped Managed Bean :

      package com;


      public class TestBean {

          private String val;

          private float valFloat;


          public String getVal() {

              return "12345";



          public float getValFloat() {

              return 12345;




      jspx file  :


      <af:inputText value="#{TestBean.val}">
      <f:convertNumber pattern="#0.000"/>


      <af:inputText value="#{TestBean.valFloat}" id="it1">
      <f:convertNumber pattern="#0.000"/>



      Output :

      For String variable it does not convert and It gives : 12345

      For Float variable it converts and It gives : 12345.000

      When I use static value in inputtext, It works



      <af:inputText value="12345}">
      <f:convertNumber pattern="#0.000"/>

      Can anybody help me out ?