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      Hi All,

      i'm creating maps in oracle bi using map viewer.i'm done all the things in map builder and map viewer when i try to deploy it in bi administrative service m

      getting an error "unable to communicate with oracle fmw mapviewer server"  please any one help me to find out this error.


      Thanks & Regards

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          Thta error means MapViewer is not running or OBIEE has not been configured to use a MapViewer instance or the MapViewer URL specified in instanceconfig.xml is different/incorrect.


          Will need some more details.

          If your BI (analytics) URL is say

          my.biserver.com:7001/analytics then is the mapviewer available at


          If not then was it not deployed with OBIEE or is there a setting in instanceconfig.xml for a remote mapviewer instance?


          If mapviewer is working fine (i.e. my.biserver.com:7001/mapviewer shows the welcome page) and you created the themes, maps, and tile layers in the same database instance that MapViewer is configured for (i.e. has a datasource for) then can you see the themes, maps, tile layers in the Metadata page of the mapviewer admin console?