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Question regarding AWR Report(SQL ordered by Physical Reads (UnOptimized))

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I am Korean. so I'm not good at English.


bellow is AWR Report regarding ' SQL ordered by Physical Reads (UnOptimized))'.


SQL ordered by Physical Reads (UnOptimized)

  • UnOptimized Read Reqs = Physical Read Reqts - Optimized Read Reqs
  • %Opt - Optimized Reads as percentage of SQL Read Requests
  • %Total - UnOptimized Read Reqs as a percentage of Total UnOptimized Read Reqs
  • Total Physical Read Requests: 3,311,261
  • Captured SQL account for 13.5% of Total
  • Total UnOptimized Read Requests: 3,311,261
  • Captured SQL account for 13.5% of Total
  • Total Optimized Read Requests: 1
  • Captured SQL account for 0.0% of Total
UnOptimized Read ReqsPhysical Read ReqsExecutionsUnOptimized Reqs per Exec%Opt%TotalSQL IdSQL ModuleSQL Text
90,51490,514433,4580.210.002.734xvcd956td1f0ktu1022f@kryiap3044 (TNS V1-V3) insert into KTGWILOG (INST_NO,...
73,66273,662433,4940.170.002.221ru1faqyz5r9yktu1022f@kryiap3044 (TNS V1-V3) select NVL(max(SEQ_NO), 0) int...
55,87655,876167,0950.330.001.69917z2sat3xdgxKTNSTRT@kryiap3044 (TNS V1-V3) insert into KTJRN (INST_NO, PR...
37,25737,257357,7760.100.001.1316m0ab5hhg8p5ktu1013f@kryiap3044 (TNS V1-V3) insert into KTGWILOG (INST_NO,...
35,13535,13546,4150.760.001.06d064tdyb8gn18JDBC Thin Client insert into ktgwilog (inst_no,...
31,87031,870176181.080.000.969um84jdyfbpvuSWN1000F@kryiap3044 (TNS V1-V3) select JRN_NO , BUSINESS_DATE ...
28,27728,277128, (TNS V1-V3) select F_ID into :b0 from PCEL...
10,63010,63022,7270.470.000.322gfjgbp685w0gKTN1201F@kryiap3044 (TNS V1-V3) insert into KTCOJRNSAF (INST_N...
7,9027,90261,317.000.000.243gh6vrrh36u61PCB2700F@kryiap3044 (TNS V1-V3) select PTYP , CIFN , HGJA , C_...
7,4367,4366,0651.230.000.22d0h32pkvpsyp8PCN2120F@kryiap3044 (TNS V1-V3) insert into PCELNJRN (INST_NO,...

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Question 1) I want to know what is the mean by 'UnOptimized Read Reqs' and 'Optimized Read Reqs '

Question 2) Please give me an advice what is 'SQL ordered by Physical Reads tuning'


Thank you.


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