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    Logical Standby recover with RMAN

    Artem S. Tsygankov

      Hi All,

      I have a test environment with Primary DB Server, Physical Standby and Logical Standby.

      The Logical Standby DB (cur_log_stdb) is backed up every evening by RMAN and I have a question:

      If I recover my Logical Standby DB from backup and switch replication to new Logical Standby DB (new_log_stdb) it will work or not?

      My steps e.g.:

      1. Make a new server for my new_log_stdb and repair structure of catalogs;

      2. Repair listener.ora and tnsnames.ora files from cur_log_stdb to new_log_stdb;

      3. Restore DB with RMAN from backup to new_log_stdb;

      4. On cur_log_stdb execute "alter database stop logical standby apply";

      5. Change a DNS name from cur_log_stdb to new_log_stdb;

      6. On new_log_stdb execute "alter database start logical standby apply immediate";

      I'm not sure that archivelogs will apply to the new_log_stdb for period since rman backup was created.

      But if this plan won't work how can I restore Logical Standby DB from RMAN backup and resume replication from Primary?



      Oracle Linux 6.4

      Oracle Database

      Primary and Physical with Data Guard