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    What is FE for mvc architecture




      I would lik to know that which is the best learning fron-end for MVC to develop application in java.





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          I'm not sure what you mean by "learning fron-end for MVC".


          MVC is a Pattern how you should organize your code. Learning the MVC-Pattern means to understand what it is about and that should'nt take much more than an hour.


          The tricky part ist to follow it with your actual programming, to identify which part of your code belongs to which component in the MVC-pattern and to put it at the right place. And this is not about learning but about awareness and discipline. While awareness can be improved by training discipline is a mind setting you should already have...


          So my suggestion is to work through some tutorials on MVC.

          Then create some simple sample applications and have them reviewed by some experienced Developers.




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              Thanks for sharing information.


              Suppose, i want to develope Web application which take input employee activity between job timing from 9 to 6.

              Example of fields.


              Project, Assignem, From Hours, to Hours


               Now, to develop application which is the best web fron-end like php, eclips et, which help me in learning maimum funtionality of java with mvc & BC4J.



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              I think its generally recommended you use JSF for new web applications.

              Below is a link to JEE7 which provides a lot of details on recommended (new) web application development.

              At the link, you can download the pdf version of the document. Note its 942 pages long.

              If you plan on using JSF, you may consider buying a book on JSF (along with books on other technologies),

              reading it cover to cover, and working through the book's examples rather than going through it in the pdf file.

              Search amazon.com for books with good reviews on JSF. The pdf file doesn't outright mention

              MVC but I'm sure the web applications it mentions follow MVC design pattern. Note programmers use many

              other technologies than that in the pdf file (Spring framework, JSP, etc). There is no one approach that everyone uses.

              Considering your current experience level, I suggest you use JSF with JDBC (and not JPA or Hibernate), and keep away

              from web services and EJB for now.



              Forgot to mention, you need a database such as Oracle Express (its free).

              Choice of IDEs is typically Netbeans or Eclipse. Note Netbeans has wizards to allow you to setup a basic JSF configuration

              web application (among other wizards).