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    P6 Analytics Out-of-the-box RPD/Starschema database Data Issue




      I downloaded P6_R31_Analytics and P6_R31_RDB. Installed OBIEE and added OraclePrimaveraAnalytics.rpd and PrimaveraAnalytics catalogue to OBIEE. Created STAR SCHEMA by restoring star31.expdp sample database dump. Made appropriate changes to rpd to point to START SCHEMA.


      I pretty much followed instructions given here to set it up.



      I created a user in OBIEE and assigned BIAdministrators, BIAuthors, and BIConsumers groups to it.

      When I log in to OBIEE http://machine:9704/analytics/ using this user, I am able to see 6 dashboards under Primavera in OBIEE,

      but pretty much no report shows any data.


      Any clue what might be going wrong here?


      regards, Prasad