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    HFM Client 9.3.1 Citrix Session Issues




      We're currently having some users complaining about using the HFM client in Citrix. For instance, when they try to open some application, after connecting to a cluster, a window opens up and they get prompted to browse a folder within the Citrix server file system. They do go ahead and select the Hyperion Folder, and they can continue to work. However, this didn't happen before, and it also does not happen with all the applications on the cluster, only some of them.


      Has anynone had this issue before? If so, could you tell me what you did to solve it?






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          Siva Bhojan

          This is not issue but is a common behaviour of HFM Client as far as I know.


          The HFM Client requires a temporary local storage folder where it can place temporary files when you work with the application using the HFM Client. It will ask for this local storage folder only for first time when a user opens an application. It will not ask for this information when the user opens the application the next time.


          If you think it is asking everytime when the user accesses the application then I would assume that the Citrix session might be deleting temporary folder created, for some reason which you need to check why with your IT team.