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    Sections in Form Construction


      Hi All,


      While creating a form, we will divide the document into sections and create them individually.

      Instead of that is there any way to create all sections at a time by taking the text from word document?




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          You can try using Documaker Add-in for Word, which will convert word doc into sections and paragraphs. For that you need to first convert word doc into documaker document file which can be imported to Documaker.

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            Mr Peabody-Oracle

            You can try the import/conversion of a Word DOC. There are a couple of different ways to do this. The primary method is to look in the main workspace tree (or the ribbon) for Conversions and choose that. The wizard begins and I think the top-most option is Import Document File. The next page, lets you select MS Word (DOC, DOCX) files. Note that the top entry refers to Word documents created with the Documaker Add-In - which the previous answer mentioned.

            Once you have selected that you intend to to a DOC conversion, then click Browse to add one or more files you wish to convert.

            The next couple of pages have various options, but if this is your first attempt, you might just accept the defaults.


            You did not mention your version, but if it is a recent one, these steps should convert the document and would have checked into the library - if you allowed that to happen. You can then check the form out, or will have to load it from disk under the Forms category if you did not add it to the library yet.