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    Common pitfalls of implementing search characters?

    Jon Schneider

      What are some common pitfalls, unintended side effects, or other things that can go wrong when adding new Endeca search characters (as described in Chapter 24, Search Characters, in the Endeca MDEX Engine Basic Development Guide)?


      My specific situation is that I'm considering adding the search characters "&" and "'" (singlequote) so that I can create a multi-way thesaurus entry for "M&M", "M&Ms", and "M&M's".


      My issue is, having made the change to add the search characters & and ' in our pre-production environment, how I should best go about testing this change to understand what, if any, unintended side effects the change might have caused.





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          Hi Jon,

          I have the similar question, I added the punctuation character ' (singlequote) and - (dash) as searchable character. Wondering if you figured out how to verify if there are any unintended side effects.




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            Jon Schneider

            Hi Subrata,


            From what I have gathered, the biggest potential unintended side effect is that a space character entered by the user will no longer be automatically treated as a match for the punctuation character.


            So for example, if you added - (dash) as a searchable character, and your searchable data includes an item named "rolls-royce", a user search for "rolls royce" (with a space instead of a dash) will *no longer match* that item, unless you do something like set up a Thesaurus entry mapping "rolls royce" to "rolls-royce".