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    Cant launch JVM with high max memory allocation


      We have a couple of Windows machines - a Win7 and Win Server 2012 - both being 64-bit machines. The Win7 machine has 190GB of RAM and the Win Server has 500GB RAM. We are running a memory hungry application so we tried to allocate as much RAM as possible. We have however discovered that we CANNOT allocate more than 160GB RAM on both machines to Java - we get a "Java Platform Binary SE has stopped working" message (we are running Java 1.7.0_13). I have read in various places that the OS "has a say" in the amount of RAM that can be allocated/passed on to Java but havent found any conclusive description/explanation. I'm hoping to get as accurate a picture as possible as to why we getting this apparent restriction - especially with the Win Server machine which has 500GB RAM. Details on why Windows is doing this - if it is - will be greatly appreciated.


      Many thanks.