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    Does 1Z0-001 fit the requirement of 11g DB OCP requirement (1Z0-051)?


      Dear Sir:

         Hi, I would like to ask 3 questions about the certification requirement of 11g DB OCP.
      Please advice me what do I have to do to prepare the OCP exam, thanks a lot in advance.



      Does 1Z0-001 fit the requirement of 11g DB OCP requirement (pass 1Z0-001 = pass 1Z0-051)?
      AFAIK, 11g DB OCP requires passing 3 exams: 1Z0-051 (SQL), 1Z0-052 (AW1), 1Z0-053 (AW2) and finishing a hand-on course at least.
      I have passed the 1Z0-001 (Introduction to SQL ans PL/SQL) many years ago.

      After searching the discussion in the community, I've found 2 relative:

      https://forums.oracle.com/thread/2526631  It said :"1Z0-001 will satisfy the SQL requirement."

      https://forums.oracle.com/thread/2467872 It said : "I can confirm that the 001 exam will fulfill the SQL exam requirement if it was passed before it retired."

      I was confused on that. Please help me to clear it.

      Do I have to prepare the exam 1Z0-051 since I have passed 1Z0-001 (an retired exam)?




      Please confirm that finishing the SSC (Self-Study Course) DOES NOT apply the "hand-on course requirement ".

      It still need to pay more money for an instructor-led (face-to-face) course, right?



      Can I just finish ONE course "Oracle 11g Database Administrator Workshop II" from an Oracle authorized education center to fit the " hand-on course requirement " ?
      Sorry I have to ask this because the budget consideration.


      Thank you very much!

      Steve C.