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    Swing - Java FX integration




      I have a bit of a weird problem. I have a swing application that has some windows with are built with JavaFX (Don't ask why I did this, I had to for due to project delivery time restrictions). The app is 50% Swing and 50% javaFx. Anyway what I found when I started deploying the application to customers is that some of the JavaFX JFXPanels that I am using don't display properly. To be more presice JFXPanels that I have in my main window, which are creted as the application starts, are showing fine. Other JFXPanels that I include in other windows that popup while using the application don't display correclty. The JFrame opens up but its empty of JavaFX components. The weird thing is the when I enable Java console (Java-settings -> Advanced -> Show console) everything is working fine.

      The same problem I have in all operating systems I deployed the application. 32 and 64 bit. also I am using JRE 7u25 in all machines.

      Any cloues anybody?