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    Grid of controls.


      Hi everybody,

      can someone  advice me wich container should i use if i want to show in a vertical flow a single set of data coming from a single record of a mysql table?

      Something like:


      labelName:     Tim

      labelAge:        32

      labelAddress:  ....


      So a N X 2 grid of labels and textboxes.

      I wish to show this grid in an overlayed layer that is above a webview control showing some maps.

      The user should be allowed to move or minimize this layer if he wants to look at the map more easily.

      So, both the webview and this layer should be placed in a StackPane to allow overlapping and the grid layer should be put in a Pane of some type that is not fixed to this StackPane container.

      Wich Pane should i use for this?


      Thanks in advance!