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    OBIEE 11g Ago Function


      Hi All,


      I am using ago function in Answers it works fine



      when observing the data, data is mismatched at particular Product category, why because two category s (A,B)   has same subcategory name (Basic)

      CAT       Sub Cat

      A  ------        Basic

      A  ------       Value Add

      A  ------       High

      B -------     Basic

      B ------       low

      B ------     medium


      My report has five columns like CM -1 , CM-2,CM-3,CM-4,CM-5 ,

      when i was selecting cat A and subcat is Basic, Data as below ....

      CM-1         CM-2     CM-3     CM -4    CM -5

      A basic   A basic  B basic B basic   A basic



      if sub cat name is different no issue


      Please help me.