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    Error while loading Composite URL in SOAPUI by third party


      Hi All,

      I have developed one composite URL and third party wants to push the data to this URL.On order to do that ,they are trying to include our composite URL in their system.

      But they are not able to do that.

      First of all our composite URL starts with "http://Ipaddress:port/sampleapp --------?WSDL'.

      When they are trying to load this URL in SOAP UI ,they are getting error like below:


      'An error occured while attempting to find services at 'https://ipaddress:port/sampleapp-----?WSDL'




      In order to third party wants to access or use our composite URL what and all I have to do?

      Third party told that they elabled their firewall for our ipaddress of composite URL.


      Can you people help me out to come out of this situaltion?


      How can I make my composite URL to convert into https url?