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    Issue after upgradation

    Bhargav K
      Hi Experts,,

      i have upgraded my RPD and Catalogue from to

      when we run a report usually one timer image shows while server searching for the result...

      but after upgradation...that image is not appearing...simply some cross mark is showing..

      do i need to change any thing in the server level....

      pls help me
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          I think it is ur up gradation problem...Let once stop the services and start or check with another browser.Then also its not coming u can try this below link....

          I f u want timer then follow this link just replace the adjusted one or rename the original one...


          FOR VERSION Below paths



          Please mark if it correct/helpful........

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            Bhargav K
            Thanks for your response.

            Do i need to place the timer image in the two paths that you have mentioned?
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              Reddy G
              Hi Bargav,

              I am not sure abt ur issue but what i am thinking is 11.1.17 is using Fusion fx style instead of blafp style by default.If you observe in Dashboard propetirs we can use Fusion fx,blafp style on your choice..
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                Yes u can just rename the existed timer and placed the new one with the old one's name in both the two places..

                Let me know the update..

                mark if correct...

                Thank you......
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                  Bhargav K

                  thanks for your response..

                  we tried but didn't get, finally we raised a SR for this..waiting for Oracle's reply.

                  Bhargav K.
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                    Hi Bhargav,


                    did you get a workaround for this issue??


                    I have recently upgraded fro to and getting the same issue.




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                      Have u started the service - Oracle BI java host.?

                      If the service has not been started, it will show x mark.

                      Images, charts, graphical representations are based on Java application. Let me know if it works.

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                        I hope  you guys must have got the answer to this by now but if not here it is ..


                        The issue is that in a new style and skin are introduced FusionFX.


                        The searching image on lower version was "searching.gif" while in this version it is "searching_light.gif".


                        All you need to do is take that image frrom


                        <MWHOME>\Oracle_BI1\bifoundation\web\appv2\res\s_FusionFX\views\searching_light.gif and put it in




                        Put this in bi_server1 working directory for analystics as well..which will be something like this ..



                        If you have any custom style or skin ..change there.


                        Also keep in mind that this image is new and if you want to keep the old image just copy the same image to the location above and rename it to "searching_light.gif". Make a copy since old one is still used in reports.


                        Hope this helps.


                        Mark helpfull if you find it that way.