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    Migrate EXP app batch systems process to EXPDP


      Hi all,


      Aix 6.1


      We are forced to migrate our batch processing system which used EXP to EXPDP due to implementation of Database Vault and Transparent Data Encryption (TDE).

      Our dilemma is EXPDP filesystems/folder ownership is "oracle:dba"  while the existing EXP folder filesystems is owned by the "batchuser:batch". There will be lots of major changes when it comes to backup

      processing if we implement this. Is there a way that an EXPDP folder can still be owned by "batchuser:batch"? 


      Pleasee Helppppp.....


      I presented the changes from traditional EXP backup system of our batch APP, there has been a violent reaction from the operations group because there will be lots of changes to batchprocess.


      The major question and

      the major change is the APP folder "/u07/batch/dump"  which is currently owned by "batchuser:batch" and are placeholder of exp dump for daily/monthly transaction tables, will be changed owned to "oracle:dba" and the operations group do not allow this change. Is there a way that the directory_dump_dir can be owned by user other than oracle?