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    oracle.fabric.common.FabricException unable to find operation


      Hi All,


      I have developed one composite URL which should be accessed by third party to push data from their end.

      They are trying to include my composite URL and push data through their service interface,but they are getting below exception :


      'oracle.fabric.common.FabricException:unable to find operation' from their end.


      And I am getting the below exception in my EM console along with the rejected messages error.


      'Unable to find operation' in 'Error message' column and unavailable state in 'Composite Instance ID' column.


      When I click 'unavailable' link I am getting below error.

      'Composite instances are not generated for rejected messages'

      I am getting payload from third party and but that is getting rejected.They are not able to find our composite URL operation.


      How can third party be able to push the data from their end to my composite URL?

      CAn you people help me out to resolve this issue?