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    regarding dr drill


      Dear Gurus


      i want to do a dr drill for my data guard.Is there any way i could perform a drill with dml.


      I mean if i want to know more about flashback with restore point and doing switchover and switchback.What i read in one link is to do switchover switchback from primary to standby but didn't see any dml in that.


      Can i do like create a restore point on my primary then switch it to standby..then do some insert dml operations commit those ...switchback to primary see those transactions..then drop restore point and havee that original primary standby..is it possible


      OS--Windows 2003


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          Oracle 11g is best in this situation. coz when you creating the data guard environment, you can enable flashback on both primary and standby. Its really a cool feature. In 11g the standby database is also called active standby database, coz you can read the database(ie, you can query using select statement) and at same time log shipping also will occur. If you want to insert in production database, you use open the standby database in read write mode. which turns on the flashback database feature, and when all your insert operation has done and when you convert it again to active standby, all your dml will be flashed back and the logs will started applying. But 10g lacks this feature.




          Pradeep. V