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    Adding newly created database in audit vault


      Hi all,


      Well, starting with my very first post in forum.


      we have Audit vault setup installed on a standalone server and a 11gr2 rac database is added in the audit vault server.


      Now we have created new rac database and we need to start auditing for the new db. but being very new on this don't have any idea like how to start?? do i need to do fresh configuration. I tried searching for the same but no success. Being too very new to AV i need to be sure how to do it.


      Please guys do guide me on the same.




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          Hi Trush,


          In the standard documentation you can find how to add the db to begin auditing.


          The steps you should follow would be registering a host, creating the secured target (your db), deploying an agent in your host computer and then configuring the audit trails. In any case, through the avauditor view you can provision audit on the db.


          My recommendation would be to read the standard documentation. It tells you how to start and how things are done in a general way.


          Hope this helps you.



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            Hi miremire88,


            Thanks a lot for the reply.


            Well we already had an setup of audit vault server and AV agent and we need to add the newly created database in audit vault server.


            Performed the following,

            1. added new source.

            2. added new collector for this new database.


            I had a doubt that do we need to create new agent for adding database but we need to use the same agent which was created during AV agent installation. Actually, it was not that difficult than what I expected.



            Currently set up has been configured.