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    Weblogic 11gR2 Report uifont.ali setup issue


      Hello all,


          I installed weblogic on Windows 2008 Server R2 64-bit version,I want create a PDF Report,but It always can't display Chinese word,

      I'm sure all of you can refer to the document, as well as discussion on the Internet, also did so.

      But still can not successfully output correct Chinetse word


      1. REPORT_PATH : I checked the path is OK, used the TOOL_ENV.GETVAR in report builder,

      2. I copied all Fonts into the REPORT_PATH, even I added C:\windows\fonts into the REPORT_PATH


      4. I found 2 uifont.ali in the server and set up like below


      [ PDF:Subset ]

      "Arial Unicode MS" = "ARIALUNI.TTF"

      "Arial" = "Arial.ttf"

      "標楷體" = "Kaiu.ttf"

      "細明體" = "mingliu.ttc"

      "Courier New" = "cour.ttf"


      5. when I user Report builder try generate to PDF file, the PDF Type info shows up  : Type 1

          Shout I set up  [ PDF:Embed ]  area??

          How can I setup somewhere to Type 1 to use the True Type setup area?


      Thanks a lot ,

      Ronald 2013/09/03