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    DG setup/installation/configuration guideline




      I have to setup a data guard (including Primary and 1 standby database) for Production DB. DB version on RHL 6.


      I know each and everything regarding single instance database installation/creation with asm,rman backups,etc everything I need. I do not know how I would create PHYSICAL STANDBY DATABASE (on another host).


      For example:

      which Oracle software installation option or which database creation (dbca) option?

      How I would link that Standby database to the Primary database?

      How to test that Standby DB is setup perfectly (archived logs shipped properly)?

      How to setup Data Guard Broker setup to manage it?.


      Normally, we have few DG setups and have separate machine for GRID CONTROL to manage them. But unfortunately, I have not setup any DG setup with GRID CONTROL, Agents. How to setup this GC, agents, etc?


      I would highly appreciate if you could guide me in these regards plus any official document link or particular Oracle Support note id for the guidelines, so that I feel confidence to setup a complete Data Guard setup.


      Bundle of thanks.


      Best Regards.