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    Filter in OBIEE 11G




      Could any one please guide me on how i can use Values from a Notepad/xls/csc etc as filter for my answers Reports.


      Requirement is to filter values in answers based upon a values(Customer_Id) locally saved notepad file in user Machine.


      Also below are some more clarifications.

      1. Does OBIEE Supports Correlated Sub Queries,if so how i can implement.Is this done using the Advanced Tab -> Sql Issued?

      2. Can we perform Local Joins and Join an excel/notepad/csv with the Results/Answers?


      Local Join Scenario: Ex: I have a result/answers A and B which have a common column,so can i combine them and get result?

      If so then how?


      External File Join: Ex: Application A has provided an .xls sheet which contains Some "Ref Number" which has to be used by Answers 1 and get the records.


      Thanks in advance for your suggestions...