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    Eclipse OEPE for OSB generates JSESSIONID


      We are running into an issue with JSESSIONID that is generated as part of business service by OEPE oepe-indigo-all-in-one-


      The issue is the OEPE oepe-indigo-all-in-one- generates following line while creating business service

      and then when we import this project in others computer to do build, it failes


               <http:session-sctikiness enabled="false" session-id-name="JSESSIONID"/>

      The error message that we are getting is

      invalid xml Element nnot allowed session-stickess@http://www.bea.com/wli/sb/transport/http in element outbound



      when I look at my eclipse business service transport I have Sticky SessionIDName as JESSION ID



      Weblogic 10.3.6

      OPEPE oepe-indigo-all-in-one-



      can you anyone help me get rid of this JSESIONID while creating business service e