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    UMS Adapter - Email attachments management in Spring context




      I'm working in a technology migration to SOA Suite that generates some spring components (JCAPS Migration tool) to encapsulate the JCAPS Code.


      My problem is that I'm trying to use, the more that I can, the standard SOA Adaptors.


      For email sending I'm trying to use the UMS Adapter and if I'm sending/receiving simple emails everything works fine. The problem starts when I need to manage attachments. When I add the UMS to a Spring context the attachments are generated as a Href property.


      The same happens in BPEL but in BPEL/Mediators there are functions to manage the attachments. I wanted to know if anyone has faced the same problem with Spring and how can I manage attachments directly from the java code.


      One workaround would be to create a mediator with a diferent signature (with a XSD with fields for attachment type, name, etc) and then have the mediator convert to a UMS compatible message but I want to avoid using something like this.


      Any help would be great.


      Thanks in advance,

      Daniel Alves