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    Adding Calendar in BAM Reports


      Hi All,


                I have a scenario where I have to select FromDate and ToDate dynamically and generate the reports only for the date selected.

      I tried things like Within current Minute, Within time Period 1 minute Ago and so on. but it doesn't meet my requirements.


      I should be able to select any date, any year and any month and be able to view the reports for that period.


      Adding a Calendar in the report prompts could be the the right option.


      Can anyone help me on how to add Calendar to the surface prompts in Oracle BAM Reports



      Nataraj R.

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          You can achieve this by adding a Filter with custom parameters/prompts on the report.

          - Edit the report. Create new parameters/prompts, for example: FromDateParam and ToDateParam (as datetime types) with 'Prompt the user to specify a value' option selected and User input type as 'Type in'. You can specify a default value for the parameters.

          - Under Filter tab, add filter expressions - in this scenario here, for example, it will be FromDate >= [Parameter:FromDateParam] and ToDate <= [Parameter:ToDateParam].

          When the report is opened to view, the system will prompt for the FromDate and ToDate to be entered/input by the user (calendar widget will be available to select the dates).

          Hope this addresses your requirement!

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            Thanks a lot for the response. I have done that.