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    EAM : How to change the details captured in Request/Review Comments logs

    Prateek Mohan

      Hi All,


      I am very new to EAM & eBusiness Suite in general, so apologies for asking any stupid questions.


      In our EAM implementation, I can see that after a request is submitted, it follows the standard "EAM Work Request Approval" workflow.

      The request details and comments users put at each approval step appears as:


      *** 51679 (2013-09-03 13:06:13) ***

      here are my comments


      *** 11482 (2013-09-03 13:06:23) ***

      here are my comments


      What users need is to capture/show more information besides just userid (see red coloured text).


      Can someone advise if this is possible? What is the best point to start looking into customization of this thing?