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    Regarding Order level promotions


      Hi ,

      Could you please give me some idea about  following scenarios:


         I have already applied an order level promotion  then I trying to  apply one more order level promotion so this time I want to show some error messages  because we want only one order level promotion but  we are giving an  option to remove an already applied promotion after that we can apply another promotion(But we can this removed promotion later time). So how I will implement this functionality.





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          Nitin Khare

          I don't think this type of functionality is available OOTB. If I understood your requirement correctly then you probably would have to do some customizations in few places at the discount calculator level and in commerce pipeline to apply required checks for promotions and accordingly grant/revoke promotion as per your requirement.


          If you are on ATG 10.1 or higher then you can take a look at stacking rules feature. I am not sure if this is exactly what you are looking for but see if it helps as you can leverage OOTB features and if it is possible to reframe your requirement in view if this.


          Oracle ATG Web Commerce - Managing Promotions with Stacking Rules