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    Profile Clean up - ATG


      I have enabled the service to persist the anonymous profiles and order. Is there any recommended approach on how to clean/purge the profile after a given period of time.

      Profile is getting created due to two reasons. 1. Customer visiting site and 2. Bots crawling the site.

      Appreciate any recommendation
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          I dont think there is any OOTB profile cleanup service.

          What you can do is to define a scheduler that looks for Profiles in which the lastActivityDate is some particular time period older and there is no username or password (check against some key property to ensure that he is not registered). For example, you need to purge the anonymous profiles that is not active for one month and emailId is mandatory for a registered profile. Your scheduler can look for the profiles where emailId is empty and the lastActivityDate is 1 month old or more and purge those profiles.

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            Thank you Rajeev. However, after purging such profiles there will be lot of orphan orders [incomplete orders] in db. Will this create any issue ? I do have a purge incomplete order scheduler that runs every night. Just want to confirm that after the profile has been purged the incomplete orders attached to those profile won't create any issue if these orders are deleted at a later date.



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              I dont think it will create any issue since you are not going to do any operations such as checkout or load order for the orphaned orders. When you use the Purge order service as you mentioned these orders will get purged and the DB will be cleared. However you need to monitor the behavior for sometime and see if there any issues. You can add a logic to purge the orders associated with a profile when you remove the profile if the first option creates any issue.




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                Nitin Khare

                Just to add that with ATG10.2, the repository asset purging is enhanced for profiles as well which you can configure from dyn/admin. Refer its documentation for more details


                Oracle ATG Web Commerce - Using the Profile Asset Purge Function