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    OFR Batch stuck in state 250

    Swapnil Solanki

      Hi All,


      I am trying to configure AP Project. So far i have successfully create the project with creating vendor pool from CSV.

      Now i am trying to pull vendor details from Database and validation PO and PO Line items from the DB too.


      After doing the neccessary changed in configuration file, i imported the vendors from Designer(whcih was successful).

      Now when i am seding the batches to OFR they get stuck in 250 Status.

      I can also see an error in RTS saying "Error extracting class 'Invoices', field 'VendorASSA': Entry with specified identity was not found. ""


      experts need your help me overcome this, please respond.



      many thanks,


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          William Phelps

          Since the error clearly calls out an issue with the vendor ASSA:

          • Try reverting back to the CSV file.  If you can go back to the CSV successfully, then it's some issue with your configuration of the pool as it relates to the DB configuration.
          • The identity key for the pool, did you actually select one of the columns in your DB data as the identity key?  There is a radio button in the Vendor ASSA configuration that you may have missed when you reconfigured the pool fields.  The pool will actually import as expected, but finding anything in the pool at runtime will fail.
          • Lastly, the pool itself may be simply corrupt.  Try reimporting the pool.

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            Swapnil Solanki

            Hey William,


            thanks for your replay. You pointed the pointed the right direction.

            The problem was with DB location.



            swapnil solanki