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    Repository Question


      <!-- The "book" item type -->

      <item-descriptor name="book" default="true">

      <table name="book" type="primary" id-column-names="book_id">

      <property name="title"/>

      <property name="author" item-type="author" column-name="author_id"/>





      <!-- The "author" item type -->

      <item-descriptor name="author">

      <table name="author" id-column-names="author_id" type="primary">

      <property name="lastName"/>

      <property name="city"/>

      <property name="state"/>

      <property name="zip"/>


      <table name="book" id-column-names="author_id" type="multi">

      <property name="books_written" data-type="set"










      DB Values


      last name : Vincent

      Book1 : xyz

      Book2 : abc


      last name : jhon

      Book1 : pqr

      Book2 : abc



      How do i use Query builder or RQL to get all authors who have written Book - abc

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          Nitin Khare

          I think it would be apt if the repository definition you have mentioned should have many-to-many relationship between book and author. The reason I'm saying this is because a book can have multiple authors and the same author can also have written multiple books. Anyways coming on to the RQL to get all authors who have written a particular book, I think you can do it using INCLUDES ITEM. Try this RQL on author item:


          books_written INCLUDES ITEM (title="abc")


          or from dyn/admin run following XML operation on your repository component


          <query-items item-descriptor="author">books_written INCLUDES ITEM (title="abc")</query-items>


          See if it serves your purpose.