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    OID 10.1.4 - Looking for parameter


      Using the Terminal, is there a way to find  where can i find the values for


      orclpwdmaxinactivity and


      orclpwdtracklogin in OID


      which file contains this information -any thoughts


      Please advise this is on 10GAS environment


      ldapsearch -p 636 -U 1 -h dl-uss-enterpris                                                                                                            e.gcssmc.com -b "cn=default,cn=pwdPolicies,cn=Common,cn=Products,cn=OracleContex                                                                                                            t,dc=gcssmc,dc=com" -s base "objectclass=*"
      cn=default,cn=pwdPolicies,cn=Common,cn=Products,cn=OracleContext,dc=gcssmc,dc=co                                                                                                            m


      this does not Password Operational policies - any other thoughts


      thanks again