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    '%' Sign On Reports 11g Parameters


      Hi all,

      We have a report that is invoked from a Forms 11g form. The report has an input parameter called p_clause that holds a SQL clause. The SQL clause is built through the form and some times we have in p_clause something like and ename like '%blabla%' .

      So when we pass this parameter to the report, it causes a problem because the "%" is a reserved character and causes a wrong URL.

      To resolve that, we used to pass into p_clause something like " and ename like '11gblabla11g' " and decode this in the report itself so 11g pattern is converted to " % " character.

      Is there a better way to resolve this with minimal effort. Our solution leads us to review all our 6i forms and 6i reports to be converted and add the processing I've presented earlier.


      Thanks in advance,